Founded in 1999 by the merger of two great Brazilian companies in the beverage industry: Brahma and Antarctica.

We Dream Big To Create a Future With More Cheers. At family gatherings, at your favorite concerts or at your soccer team’s matches. We are always with you.

Our company has a portfolio with more than 500 brands. With thousands of people passionate about what they do, we are always dreaming big. Our employees believe we can make the world a better place to live. They encourage ethical consumerism, they preserve natural resources and they value diversity, social inclusion inside and outside Ambev.

Ambev, in numbers

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Breweries and 2 Malting Houses in Brazil

more than




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direct Distribution Centers and 6 Centers of Excellence in Brazil.

is a valued word in AMBEV

Nurturing diversity means treating people with respect. It includes offering a safe place for each one, undistinguished.

AMBEV is a diverse company that helps to gather multiple talents for a better world. We know we should provide a psychological safe place and recognize the individuality of each one, searching for a journey of exchange and learning. To keep on the way of diversity, giving more opportunities and professional development to million talents, we are hiring migrants and refugees that live in Brazil.

Who are migrant people?

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), "migrant" is a generic term, without definition under international law, that reflects a common understanding of a person who moves from his or her usual place of residence, either within a country or across international borders, temporarily or permanently, for different reasons. The term includes a number of well-defined categories of people, such as migrant workers; people whose particular types of movement are legally defined, such as migrants who have crossed borders through migrant smuggling; as well as those whose status or type of movement is not specifically defined in international law, such as international students.

International migrant, on the other hand, is defined as any person who is outside a State of which he or she is a citizen or national, or, in the case of a stateless person, his or her State of birth or habitual residence. The term includes migrants who intend to move permanently or temporarily and those who move on a regular or documented basis, as well as migrants in irregular situations.

Who are migrants in situation of vulnerability?

Migrants who cannot fully enjoy the basic Human Rights, who are subject to a higher risk of violations and abuses, and who, consequently, have the right to ask for support. In Brazil, vulnerability is defined as the emergency and urgent condition that evidences the person's fragility within the scope of social protection, arising from disordered migration flow caused by humanitarian crisis (Law 13.684/2018).

Who are the people in refugee situation?

According to Article 1 of Law Number 9,474, of July 22, 1997, the National Congress of Brazil decreed that an individual will be recognized as a refugee if:

  • I - due to well founded fears of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, social group or political opinions, he or she is out of his or her country of nationality and cannot or does not wish to rely on the protection of such country;
  • II - having no nationality and being out of the country where he or she had previously retained permanent residence, cannot or does not wish to return to such country based on circumstances mentioned in item I above;
  • III - due to severe and generalized violation of human rights, he or she is compelled to leave his or her country of nationality to seek refuge in a different country.

Source: Guide for Hiring Migrants by the Public Sector, IOM (2020)

We Dream Big To Create a Future With More Cheers.

Beyond labels.

Portuguese language course offered for free in partnership with Share Idiomas for a minimum duration of one semester, but can be extended as long as necessary for you to feel comfortable with the language; 100% online; different levels; workload 1h30/week);

Letter of Guarantee: support from the company for housing of hiring people who need to settle in the hiring region;

Sign-in Bonus: the first salary will be paid in double, after the first month of work, along with the standard salary.

Career coaching with leaders of the company during your first year here

Buddy: someone to help you in your day-to-day work

Monthly follow-up with the Management Board

A squad of translators will be available to support comprehension in the Portuguese Language until the end of the Portuguese Language Course

During the first year, those selected will follow a path of development of socio-emotional skills (soft skills) and technical skills (hard skills).

To be part of the program, you must have completed a degree in your home country or in Brazil and be recognized as a refugee or migrant under Brazilian law. In addition, you must have specific knowledge in your area of interest and passion for learning.

This is a free 4-step program.

We want you to learn as much as possible during this process. That's the reason why our Journey Beyond Labels is full of information about Ambev, with videos that tell a lot about our history and culture.

Don't worry, all our stages have adaptations to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.

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