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CDN Reliability Engineer

Informações gerais

Tipo de vaga: Efetivo

Localidade: Barueri

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Informações gerais

Tipo de vaga: Efetivo

Localidade: Barueri

Descrição da vaga - Principais atividades

"Provide hands-on technical design, engineering and assistance to partners for OC integration.

Manage OC IX and Partner logistics including implementation and configuration.

Maintain entire OC deployment including OS, network, firmware and hardware.

Mine enormous amounts of data to optimize OC systems so users receive optimal streaming quality.

Drive continual improvement into forecasting/monitoring/measurement/alerting practices/tools.

Handle Tier 3 escalation for system and network related production issues.

Work with a small highly energetic and dynamic team."

Nível de inglês

Nível fluente

Conhecimentos específicos

Conhecimentos específicos

"Knowledge of and proven experience with CDNs and HTTP cache/proxy technology.

Knowledge of networking and application protocols, especially TCP/IP, HTTP/S and DNS.

Operational experience running a production 24x7x365 infrastructure at scale.

Knowledge of service provider IP topologies including MSO cable and DSL infrastructure.

BS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering (or equivalent professional experience.)

Fluent in Spanish."

Faz parte

"English fluency

Expert-level knowledge of Unix or Linux system administration at scale; we happen to use FreeBSD.

Ability to script and code in Perl, Python, or other relevant languages.

Thorough understanding of IP routing protocols, including experience with BGP.

Understanding of transit and peering relationships.

Expert-level understanding of TCP/IP,IPv4/IPv6.

Ability to quickly triage problems, determine root cause and drive resolution.

Willingness to travel."

Por que vale a pena

"Netflix is responsible for over 37% of Internet traffic at peak times and we're working collaboratively with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and IX centers to deploy Open Connect (OC), Netflix's Content Delivery Network. We are seeking seasoned engineers with extensive experience in *nix, networking, data analysis and large-scale 24x7 operations to deploy, operate and maintain this massive global streaming platform."


Barueri - SP

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