In compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Law, it is registered, through this “Statement of Consent for the Processing of Personal Data” (“Statement”), the free, conscious, and unambiguous permission given by the User of the websites and, hereinafter referred to as “HOLDER”, so that the companies that are members of GRUPO CIA DE TALENTOS (GCT) process their personal data for the purpose(s) specified in this Statement.

By expressing their acceptance of this Statement, the HOLDER consents and agrees that the GCT companies identified below, hereinafter referred to - individually and jointly - 'Controllers', make decisions regarding the processing of their personal data, which may include collection operations, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, diffusion or extraction.

  1. GCT COMPANIES: They are the companies that are members of GCT (Grupo Cia de Talentos), identified below and Controllers of the personal data provided to them, because they define the treatment that will be given to them, according to the need:

    COMPANY NAME CNPJ (Corporate Taxpayer Registration Number) HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS

    CT – Cia de Talentos Recursos Humanos Ltda (CT)


    Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubistchek, nº 2041, 16 andar, sala 16-100, Vila Nova Conceição, CEP 04543-011

    ER52 Tecnologia, Capacitação e Seleção Ltda (BETTHA)


    Rua Conceição de Monte Alegre, nº 107, Torre B, Andar 10, cj. 101 B, CV 3223, Cidade Monções, São Paulo/SP, CEP 04.563-060

    DM Vencer Recursos Humanos Ltda (DMV)


    Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubistchek, nº 2041, 16 andar, sala 16-110, Vila Nova Conceição, CEP 04543-011

  2. Title Paragraph

  3. Title Paragraph

  4. PURPOSE: Processing for the purpose of:

    (a) sending invitations to participate in recruitment and selection processes conducted by any of the companies of the GCT, which - according to the characteristics of the HOLDER - may be for apprentice, internship, trainee, or employment opportunities;

    (b) performance of selection processes for which the HOLDER has applied for;

    (c) performance of a professional development workshop;

    (d) sending invitations to participate in research and events related to the career and market; which may or may not be accessed by the HOLDER;

    (e) sending third-party links related to content for professional improvement, which may be courses, research, events, articles, among other correlates, which may or may not be accessed by the HOLDER;

    (f) sending marketing email about actions and activities developed by or with GCT support, related to career, job market, and professional improvement opportunities.

    (g) communicating, providing, maintaining, and improving all content made available on the GCT websites;

    (h) sending the HOLDER technical notices and updates;

    (i) responding to comments, questions, and requests made by the HOLDER;

    (j) tracking and analyzing usage trends.

  5. DATA SHARING: THE HOLDER is aware that their personal data will be shared by each Controller with other data processing agents, whenever necessary, to fulfill the purposes listed in this Statement, within the limits and conditions established by the General Law of Protection of Personal Data.

    This sharing is necessary for the purpose of conducting selection processes, sending the invitations listed in this Statement, and to promote the activities of the GCT with the HOLDER.

  6. DATA SECURITY: GCT and its member companies are responsible for maintaining security, technical and administrative measures capable of protecting personal data from unauthorized access and accidental or illicit situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or any form of improper or illicit treatment. In case of occurrence of a security incident that may entail risk or relevant damage to the HOLDER, this will be communicated, as well as the National Data Protection Agency (ANPD).

  7. RIGHTS OF THE HOLDER: The General Data Protection Law gives the HOLDER the right: (i) to the confirmation of the existence of processing; (ii) to access data; (iii) to correct incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data; (iv) to anonymize, block or eliminate unnecessary, excessive or treated data that does not comply with the LGPD; (v) to data portability to another service or product provider, keeping GCT's commercial and industrial secrets protected; (vi) to eliminate personal data processed with the consent of the holder, except in the cases of legal custody and others provided for in the LGPD; (vii) to information of public and private entities with which the GCT made the shared use of data; (viii) to information about the possibility of not providing consent and about the consequences of denial; and (ix) to revoke consent, under the terms of the LGPD.

  8. DURATION OF THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: Each Controller may maintain and process the HOLDER's personal data for the purposes set out in this Statement as long as it remains registered in the GCT's database, and it is certain that at any time the HOLDER may revoke the consent now given.

    The anonymized personal data of the HOLDER may be kept indefinitely in the GCT database and will not be reached by any request for deletion made by the HOLDER.

  9. REVOCATION OF CONSENT: The consent formalized through the acceptance of this Statement, may be revoked or withdrawn at any time, by requesting its exclusion from each Controller, through their respective websites ( or

    The anonymized personal data of the HOLDER will not be reached by any revocation of consent made by the HOLDER.