This BETTHA PLATFORM TERM OF USE ('Term') sets out the rules and conditions that must be observed when accessing and using the website www.bettha.com

    • a) BETTHA: It is the “ER52 TECNOLOGIA, CAPACITAÇÃO E SELEÇÃO LTDA”, a member of Grupo Cia de Talentos (“GCT”) and holder of the BETTHA PLATFORM, whose activity, among others, is to carry out selection processes for apprentice, internship, trainee and job opportunity, made available by its client companies, inside and outside Brazil, as well as conduct/sponsor research and events focused on career and labor market and, within the scope of this website, based on its expertise, produce and suggest content to the USER for professional improvement, in addition to providing them with professional development tests (“trails”).
    • b) USER: A natural person who registers on the platform to make use of its features (”USER”).
    • c) Bettha Platform (“Platform”): Is the website www.bettha.com, purpose of this Term.
  2. TO USE THE PLATFORM the USER must first read and accept the respective Consent Statement made available on the WEBSITE and then register - free of charge - in the database, accessing “cadastrar currículo/register curriculum” and, at the end, click the “concluir/finish” button.
    • §1: Before registering on the WEBSITE, the USER is recommended to read the Privacy Policy, which deals with the protection of personal data.
    • §2: USER's registration may not be carried out if prohibited by the law of the country from which they access the Platform. In this case, the USER is solely responsible for the violation of this prohibition
  3. REGISTRATION on the WEBSITE will only be allowed to people aged fourteen (14) years old or older.
    • §1: The USER is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by themselves.
    • §2: At any time, BETTHA may exclude the USER from its database if it verifies the existence of indications of fraud and/or ideological falsehood related to the user or the breach of any other provision of this Term.
    • a) perform the tests made available;
    • b) receive an invitation to participate in selection processes conducted by both CT and BETTHA, a trademark belonging to GCT;
    • c) apply for an opportunity in selection processes conducted by CT that interests them, even if they have not received the respective invitation;
    • d) receive invitations to participate in research and events related to the career and the labor market;
    • e) receive suggestion/indication of courses for professional improvement;
    • f) access the contents about career and labor market available on the WEBSITE or indicated for reading by sending the respective link.
  5. THE REGISTRATION UPDATE/CHANGE may be made by the USER at any time, except during their participation in some selection process. That is, after applying for a specific opportunity the USER can only update/change their information in the database after the end of their participation in the said selection process. Therefore, with each application, it is recommended that the USER reviews their information, changing what is necessary.
  6. The USER is solely responsible, for all purposes and effects, for:
    • a) the information provided for the purposes of registration, application for a specific opportunity, testing, and/or the various activities in which they participate during a specific recruitment and selection process.
    • b) saving their access data to the Platform (login and password).
    • c) machines, Internet signal, among other technological resources necessary to register, access, and use the WEBSITE.
  7. The USER is aware that they CANNOT:
    • a) share their identity, login, and password with third parties or transfer them (in any capacity), resell them, donate them, and/or lend them to third parties.
    • b) allow the use and/or access, share, transfer (in any capacity), resell, donate, disclose, in any form, the content(s) obtained physically and/or accessed via the Internet to third parties.
    • c) make copies of the contents physically obtained and/or accessed in any form and/or use them for other purposes not authorized in this term.
    • d) translate, defraud, hack or illegally access the WEBSITE, in any of the stages of the selection process, online tests, cases or materials from the evaluation stages and/or from any other CT partner, in order to copy or alter the contents made available by CT and/or its partner.
    • e) use the content(s) obtained physically and/or accessed in any form for the development of other projects or services (online and/or face-to-face).
    • f) provide false information when registering their LOGIN and PASSWORD and/or when answering the forms, questionnaires, surveys, among others, submitted to them.
      • §1: Violation of any of the above prohibitions may result in the exclusion of the USER'S registration of the WEBSITE.
  8. The USER is aware that:
    • a) the fact that they are registered in this database and/or participate in a selection process does not guarantee them being hired for a job.
    • b) when applying for a job offered in a recruitment and selection process conducted by CT, their data and information, in whole or in part, as the case may be, will be made available and shared with the client company, contracting party of the selection process.
    • c) the information technology area is always in constant development and evolution, and that perfection and/or absence of defects or risks is a concept that does not exist in this sector.
    • d) the WEBSITE is used by them in the technical and perfect state in which it is, and CT is not liable for any other guarantee.
    • e) all messages sent by CT to your email will be available on the WEBSITE, on your history page.
    • f) the communication made by CT to the USER will be through email, instant message (SMS, WhatsApp®, etc.) to their registered mobile phones or through any other relevant communication channel.
    • g) their personal data will be processed by CT and, whenever necessary, shared by it with third parties, for the purpose of sending an invitation to participate in selection processes, carry out the selection process of which the USER participates, send invitations to participate in surveys, events, courses, content, email marketing about CT and about GCT, among other issues related to the career and job market and the GCT community.
    • h) they must carefully read the GCT Privacy Policy that is available for access and reading on the WEBSITE, to understand the conditions and limits in the processing of their personal data.
  9. The USER is aware that BETTHA:
    • a) uses the database of this WEBSITE to provide recruitment and selection services to its client companies, from a profile previously determined by said client.
    • b) uses, anonymously, the database of this WEBSITE to develop content on the career and labor market.
    • c) may disclose, in whole or in part, your registration information to meet the determination of the court or tax, administrative, or any other competent authority.
    • d) performs, whenever necessary, the update of the WEBSITE aiming at its improvement and adaptation to the new available technologies, causing, even, the temporary interruption/suspension of its use, if necessary and preferably during the less accessible times.
    • e) is not responsible for messages sent by email and not received by the USER for reasons such as full box, incorrectly typed address, disabled message box, or any problem with their provider.
    • f) não se responsabiliza por mensagens por ela enviadas por e-mail e não recebidas pelo USUÁRIO por motivo como caixa cheia, endereço digitado incorretamente, caixa de mensagens desativada ou ainda qualquer problema com seu provedor.
  10. One of the Courts of the Judicial District of the Capital of the State of São Paulo is elected as competent to settle any conflicts arising from this Term.
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